Welcome to Never Square by Toblerone
The world loves standards. They help us know exactly what to expect. They make everything fit into neat little boxes. But they also make parts of the world a little ore boring. Like the world of chocolate.
Theodor Tobler was a man who never surrendered to the square standard of the world, and in 1908 he launched a triangular chocolate bar. A bar that has kept its original edge up until today.
Just like Theodor Tobler, Toblerone continues to challenge a square world. Because some standards could use a gentle push for originality. That's what we mean, when we say Never Square.
Poster image of some truly individuals carrying a giant Toblerone on horseback

Never Square

How To Enjoy Toblerone. Melt it for 2 minutes and lick it off the plate.
With a knife and fork like a respectable member of society.