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FAQ | Toblerone


Whichever way you like! Although we do encourage the awkward eat! 😀

It sure is! 😀 Generally all Toblerone chocolate bars are GMO-free, however, we can’t guarantee GMO-free status for products where Toblerone is added (e.g. cakes with Toblerone pieces)

Our chocolate bars don’t contain any gluten ingredients, but we advise consumers with allergies to check the packaging prior to consumption for the most up-to-date product information. 😀

And then some! You can personalise and gift a Toblerone bar with a unique sleeve, custom name,  flavour and one-of-a-kind messages. 😀

Nope, never! Like our iconic triangle shape, our original recipe hasn’t changed since 1908. It’s still the same milk chocolate, honey, and crunchy Italian torrone that people all over the world know and love. 😀

No siree! We’re proud to say that, besides being free of squares, our three-sided chocolate bars are also free of palm oil. 😀

If you’re referring to THAT episode which almost ignited an all out war between Toblerone lovers near and far, then no. We made sure to listen to our customers and make things right by removing all wide gaps from our bars. Let’s just call that a huge gap in our resume.

Unfortunately, since our Toblerone chocolate bars contain milk, honey and eggs, they are not suitable for Vegans. 😔

Yes, Toblerone is suitable for vegetarians. 🙌

We love hearing feedback on how we can make Toblerone even better for our customers. With that being said, we currently don’t have any plans to release a vegan Toblerone bar. But we’ll be sure to pass the suggestion along to the head triangles for consideration. 🙌

Our packaging always complies with all labeling regulations, clearly stating the information we are required to declare, including the ingredient list and allergens. We would always advise consumers with an allergy to check the packaging prior to consumption to ensure the product meets their needs. If Toblerone products contain nuts besides  almonds (even if they were only handled in the factory) the packaging will be labeled with “may contain other nuts' ' and/or “may contain peanuts' 😀

Yes, indeed! Our factory in Bern, Switzerland is the only Toblerone production facility in the world and it is Halal-certified. In fact, due to the inherent nature of Toblerone chocolate, its production process essentially meets the Halal criteria anyway. This certification did not result in any change to our beloved original recipe either. It’s worth noting that this only applies to our chocolate bars and not products where Toblerone is added (e.g. cakes with Toblerone pieces).

All Toblerone chocolate products are Kosher certified. This certification only applies to our chocolate bars and not products where Toblerone is added (e.g. cakes with Toblerone pieces).

The bear in the Toblerone 'mountain' is actually a reference to the birthplace of the yummy chocolate treat. You see, the city of Bern happens to have a bear – a rather menacing looking black one – in the municipal coat of arms. The Toblerone bear seems somewhat less ferocious 🐻 (unless you take his Toblerone from him).

Our Toblerone bars are packed in foil and cardboard and can be readily recycled, although you will need to check with your local council as facilities vary. 😀

Toblerone is made in only one factory in the world: at our home in Bern, Switzerland. 🇨🇭

What is it about us triangle lovers and our boundless curiosity? Well, one delicious Toblerone triangle chunk weighs approximately 32.7g meaning that there are (*insert calculator sounds) 11 triangles in a 360g bar.🍫

Toblerone uses a selection of cocoa beans from different parts of the world. 🌏  You can find out more about our Cocoa Life program here:

Sadly, Crispy Coconut was delisted in 2020 to make way for Crunchy Almond and Orange Twist but revivals are popping up everywhere so who knows? It might return one day. 🙌

Toblerone Orange Twist is available across all stores nationwide and will soon be launching on our DTC website in Autumn 2022.  🙌

Deliveries will reach you in 3-5 working days. If your delivery has still not arrived after 5 days, please email and triangle headquearters will track it down for you 😀